PCS has provided services in a wide variety of commercial applications systems software development and specialized communications applications on a variety of computer systems hardware. The following list provides examples of specific project work performed by PCS professionals for various clients:


PCS consultants (avg. 5 Persons) were involved in the program specifications, development and implementation of the Online Department of Treasury STAR project Module V. The system captures cash and monetary asset accounting transactions reported on transcripts submitted by financial institutions and Treasury Offices. The system provides for on-line adjustments and reporting. The project was developed using CICS, DB2, DB2/SQL,COBOL II, CSP/AE, CSP/AD, JCL, PROEDIT, SPUFI, QMF, DESIGN/1 and WORDPERFECT.

PCS consultants were currently involved in the design and development of Module IV. This system captures accounting transactions from agencies like Regional Finance Centers, U.S.Dispensing Offices and foreign agencies. The system provides for on-line adjustments and interfaces with the Government

On-line Accounting System (GOALS). The project was developed using CICS, DB2, DB2/SQL, COBOL II, CSP/AE, CSP/AD, JCL, PROEDIT, SPUFI, QMF, DESIGN/1 and WORDPERFECT.


Our consultants have been engaged in the development, testing and implementation of the following systems:

  • PCS has been involved in computer programming support to the FHLBB/OTS for many years. Initially, PCS worked as a sub-contractor to OTS through IOCS and SYSTEM HOUSE. Subsequently, based on the quality of support provided to OTS, PCS has been working as a direct contractor since 1989.

    Medicare/Medicaid Billing

    Seven (7) PCS consultants worked on the Medicare/Medicaid billing systems for New Mexico, Mississippi, Tennessee projects. They were involved in the design and development of programs for on-line updating of master files in the REFERENCE, PHARMACY subsystems. They also developed programs for conversion of Master files and for reporting of the master files. They prepared all PROCS for executing all batch programs. The master files are the main files for validating and processing of MEDCAID claims. The system was IBM 3090 with CEDF,INTERTEST, CAPEX, ANALYZER and FILE AID.

  • Functionally designed an enhanced billing system for the National Accounts Division of U.S.Sprint. The project included report layout design, information
  • processing flows, and data base modifications recommendations. This design was later implemented on an IBM 3083.
  • Assisted in the conversion of over 50 batch modules of DOS to OS from an IBM 4300 to an IBM 3080 for a large textile company.
  • Developed a graphics interface package for a large printing/manufacturing company. The design was in “C’ and UNIX.
  • Assisted in the customization of an HBO health care medical package for a large hospital on IBM 30XX.
  • Development of a Front-end Order Entry System for a large telephone company in Florida on VAX-11/780 (VMS) using FMS, RMS and TDMS and COBOL, Five PCS professional worked on this project.
  • Modifications/enhancements of Hospital Information System for a software house on VAX-11/780 (VMS) using FORTRAN 77.
  • Responsible for development of Production Planning and Control System for a manufacturing company. Designed and developed a Product Cost Estimation System. The projects were developed working with VAX/750 and PDP 11/34/ Jobs also included VAX/VMS system management such as software installations, security maintenance and system tuning.
  • Enhancements of A/P, A/R, G/L and Sales Analysis package for a large telephone company on PDP-11 under RSTS/E using Database Management.
  • Redesigned and implemented a computerized “Bidding Model” for project proposal group. This system evaluates labor, materials, and other direct costs and is used for proposal estimates. Both macro and micro level reports can be obtained from this system using contract break used to prepare cost proposals for the U.S.Army and many private contracts.
  • Designing, programming, documentation and installation of Shipping sub-system on HP-3000/44 in COBOL, using IMAGE, VIEW, QUERY and EDITOR for a large electrical equipment manufacturing company.
  • Development/enhancement of a system for medical insurance printing and processing for a software house a HP-3000/64 using IMAGE and VIEW.
  • Modifications/enhancements of IFAS and “Decision” for a software company on HP-3000/44 using IMAGE and VIEW.
  • Design and development of guarantor billing system for a software house on HP-3000/44 using IMAGE, VIEW and EDITOR.
  • Customization, enhancements. Modifications and customer support of an integrated financial accounting system for hospitals for a software house on HP-3000 using IMAGE and VIEW.
  • Complete design and development of a software package for the mortgage industry, implemented at over 250 customer’s sites. The package runs on IBM 4300 series systems, IBM –PC/XT, Burroughs medium, small and micro systems.
  • Developed an on-line acceptance system in international banking for a large bank in IBM 3081 using CICS.
  • Modified and enhanced a truck accounting system for a Fortune 500 company on IBM 3083.
  • Designed and developed an on-line report generator for a mortgage company on IBM 4341 (DOS/VS) using CICS.
  • Designed, developed and Implemented taxable life insurance module of payroll and benefits system for a Fortune 500 company on IBM 3081.
  • Developed and implemented the general expenditure and revenue system for a government ministry on IBM 4331.
  • Developed and implemented an airline billing system for a small airline company on IBM 4331.
  • Completely managed a data processing department for a company in California.
  • Designed, developed and implemented an on-line billing system for a telephone company, on B-6900 using structured design/requirements specifications techniques.
  • Converted and implemented order entry/estimating, job costing and inventory control systems from NCR-8400 to IBM System /38 for a large printing company.
  • Designed, developed and implemented complete operations and accounting package for a large food chain, on IBM System/38.
  • Designed and developed front office, back office and accounting systems software package for small hotels and motels, for a software company, on IBM-PC/XT and NEC-APC. This was one of the first software packages to be developed on IBM-PC in COBOL and on NEC-APC.
  • Designed, developed and implemented applications and communications software for a software house on Zilog-8000 under UNIX using “C” language.
  • Developed communications software on IBM-PC and compatible multi-user “network in a box” system.
  • Designed and developed an interrupt driven 4-8 port communications handler servicing up to 16 terminal operators via message queues; management of synchronous communications through this “exchange” process with utilities such as credit bureau, Dow Jones etc.
  • Designed and implemented a prototype Internet E-mail and Web server system for BATELCO for demonstration purposes.
  • Developed a training program and trained the employees of BATELCO.
  • Helped implement an RJE software for a client with seamless and uninterrupted communications between PC’s and IBM mainframe and ultimately with printers.
  • Converted programs comprising an automated communications support center from an 8-bit system to the IBM-PC compatible multi user system. The center performs functions such as program distribution, message logging, program patching and manages up to 8 dial-in lines. These programs are in CBASIC with assembler linkage.
  • Designed and developed a fully automated store and forward data collection system using IBM 2780/3780 protocol. Coded in “C” for UNIX and system III, the package is the communications part of a complete inventory control system for a chain of retail stores using electronic cash registers. It performs unattended polling of sales data from registers, performs error checks, tracing and alternate options. Also performs limited resource allocation and scheduling of jobs when many simultaneous jobs require use of a few DSL lines. Total of 8000 lines of “C” code in about 60 routines.
  • Developed a remote entry (RJE) program on the system for uploading “Consolidated Inventory Data” to an IBM BSC/3780 host and into client’s corporate database.
  • Designed and developed protocol conversion software in IBM-PC Assembler (and lattice C) for collecting data from Barcode readers (INTER MEC 9410 and computer indentics) for “physical inventory” part of retail package.
  • Designed and database access program (in C host language interface to UNIFY relational database on UNIX) for reformation and validation of sales data from cash registers and updating the inventory database. Also provided major inputs during inventory database schema design.
  • 1. Our consultants were involved in the maintenance and enhancements of various banking application systems for the network of FIRST CITY BANK on both on-line and batch environment.
  • 2. Our consultants also designed, developed and implemented a line of business system which enables FIRST CITY BANK management to gather statistics about the Bank’s investments in various business groups.
  • 1. Involved in the design, development and implementation of the Center Management System for KINDERCARE Learning Center. This System gets information from 1600 different KINDERCARE Learning Centers across the country and processes this information.
  • 2. Our consultant also developed Return Check System. This system identifies the return checks and produces follow-up letters. The System tracks payments and passes information automatically to Credit Collectors for those that have not paid within a prescribed time. This system is designed for both on-line and batch processing.
  • 3. Our consultants developed the software and managed the complete smooth transition of area code change from 809 to 242 for the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation.
  • 4. Our consultants developed implemented a cellular phone billing package and developed a fraud prevention system.
  • 5. Our consultants developed implemented a SKYTEIL paging billing system for BAHAMAS Telecommunications Corporation.
  • 1. Our consultants were involved in the design and implementation of a telephone billing system for BATELCO in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.
  • They also designed and developed a comprehensive DMS-II database. This system consists of several on-line modules for database updating. They were involved in the preparation of all documents which included system specifications, user manuals and operational manuals.

  • 2. Our consultants were involved as project consultants on the migration of BATELCO from UNISYS B1000 TO VAX 8530. They did the network planning for ETHERNET and remote terminal installations. They were directly responsible for all phases of project planning, software acceptance and third party liason for post-implementation reviews. This project was a 10 man-year project at an estimated cost of 4 million dollars.
  • 3. Our consultants were responsible for the conversion of application systems for BATELCO from UNISYS 1000 to VAX 8530. The applications were accounts payable, general ledger, fixed assets, inventory and payroll. All on-line programs were redesigned and developed for VAX systems by PCS consultants.
  • Development and implementation of SNA GATEWAY on IBM PC tools for major grocery stores all over the country for GTE Retail Information Services.
  • They were engaged in the installation of these tools in stores which are linked to the IBM MAINFRAME through SNA NETWORK. Cash registers are linked to the GATEWAY stores, which are linked to the regional offices. These regional offices are finally linked to their corporate offices. This highly technical project involves extensive computer communication skills and operates on UNIX based machines using: UNIX, C, SNA, IBM MAINFRAME COMMUNICATION and TERMINAL EMULATION, and COMPUTER COMMUNICATION PROTOCOLS.

  • Implemented CBMS financial accounting systems for various small clients in Nassau, Bahamas.
  • Developed a system to compute and monitor nutrition mix for a race-horse food manufacturing laboratory on Burroughs Systems.
  • Conducted training programs for various companies in CICS and UNIX Systems, System Analysis, Design, 4GL, etc.
  • Trained in-house personnel on SQL, UNIX, C, .Net etc.
  • Provided programming assistance to over 100 customers.