I. Systems Analysis and Design

Accurate systems analysis and design is fundamental to the successful, on-time completion of a project. We use highly successful structured systems analysis and design methodologies to work with our clients in defining the objectives of each system, focusing our attention on a number of considerations:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Systems Standards, Controls and Procedures
  • Network Requirements
  • Multiple Hardware/Software Integration
  • Required Software Support
  • Programming Standards
  • Existing Data Conversion
  • Operations Scheduling
  • System Maintenance
  • Documentation
  • The results of the analysis are used to create an accurate and comprehensive system design. In addition to the design document, the detailed specifications to be used in program coding, testing, implementation, and maintenance are prepared. PCS guarantees that the resulting design will address the specific business requirements outlined in the analysis. As a comprehensive follow-up measure, PCS can then also provide needed programming resources to complete the entire system development process.

    II. Programming

    Our programming staff is proficient in the development of software for several hardware environments. Please refer to section III for a summary of PCS experience. Using your development standards, we will complete a given programming project according to your specifications and time constraints.

    The results of each programming engagement are completely documented to facilitate complete turnover from PCS to the appropriate client personnel. This ensures proper processing and the ease of revision and maintenance of the newly developed programs.

    The documentation standards used by PCS during programming engagements are determined by the client.

    The Qualifications of the PCS technical and programming staff illustrate how uniquely suited we are to undertake and complete projects of all types:

  • Experience in implementing large integrated systems
  • Applications experience in many specialized areas
  • All major industry experience
  • Extensive experience in Web Development
  • Extensive experience in Micro to Mainframe communications, LANS, WANS and Internet
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • III. System Implementation

    PCS experience in management information systems, information retrieval, and remote data communications can be of significant value in the design, programming and/or implementation of your database management system. We will assist you in defining database applications, including system definitions, systems flow, detailed program specifications, and program logic. PCS can also assist you in redesign, modification, or implementation of existing applications that you want to migrate to your database environment.

    IV. Project Management

    While project management is an integral part of all PCS services, many of our clients elect to exclusively purchase this service. PCS can perform all this function at your site or at one of our offices. This will help you in certain instances when office space and computer availability are major concerns which impact the project.

    The completion of the project within the constraints of available man-time and machine-time while still conforming to budgetary limitations is the essence of project management. PCS enables you to fulfill these goals by providing planning, scheduling, and cost control for projects of any size.

    The use of PCS service has helped many organizations meet their development objectives. The wide range of projects performed for these customers of hardware conversion, updating or rewriting in-house applications, legacy systems, packaged software implementation, and new product development. The companies listed on the following pages represent a portion of PCS’s satisfied base:

    V. Facilities Management

    We have experience also in the area of facilities management. At times it is appropriate course to follow when the customer wishes to allocate their in-house personnel to other areas and turn the day to day operations of information processing to an outsider firm.

    VI. Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

    PCS recently expanded it services to support various customers that require CAD work, either as an overflow or for those companies with no internal CAD resources. The same logic and techniques have been applied that brought success in programming; hire the brightest, most experienced talent and give them equipment on the cutting edge of technology. Our people have had years of experience in mechanical, electrical, electronic, civil, and architectural disciplines’.

    Raw data from engineering staffs are input to prepare finished drawing packages. Existing drawing packages, as well, on paper or mylar can be scanned or digitized in for future revision cycles. PCS provides quick turnaround service for customers that have short deadlines. Also, we typically create a database for drawings which allows easy access to hundreds or even thousands of drawings.

    PCS primarily uses AUTO CAD to support its customer base due to its wide use and universally accepted .DXF file extensions. Other platforms and programs are available based in project size and complexity.

    VII. Local Area Networks

    PCS has been involved in Local Area Networks since 1985. Here at PCS, we had our first network of 3 computers installed in 1985, using Gateway G-Net network adapters and first release of Novell Netware version 1.0. We have over 30 years in LAN and other Network experience and cal configure E-Mail and remote login to UNIX systems using modems and communications software. We can install and train Local Area Networks in Arcnet, Ethernet and peer to peer networks and setup users in the latest version of windows environment.

    VIII. Off-Shore Project Development

    For those major projects that must be completed within specified time-frames the project can be economically accomplished by our experienced technical staff in India. PCS has developed over the years, business relationships with several reputable companies in India who are our partners in developing software on behalf of our customers. These companies have a full cadre of technical people experienced in Project Management, Systems Analysis and Design, writing Program Specifications and Documentation.

    PCS will define the project scope in consultation with our customers and we will successfully manage and implement the projects for our customers. This saves huge amounts in software development costs. PCS takes complete responsibility in making sure all the customers’ programming and quality standards are met and projects are completed on-time.

    Typically Projects to consider are:

  • A) Conversion/rewrite to Windows/NT
  • B) New Product Development
  • C) Port from one Hardware to Other
  • D) Port from one OS to the other etc.

  • IX. Internet/Intranet Facilities

    PCS has developed the expertise in this area through our business partners, LAN-WAN Technologies in providing the full fledged State-of-the-art Intranet/Internet/Extranet facilities to our customers. We provide access to data and update capabilities for forms, reports, sales, marketing,on-line class registration, customer support, etc., through the Web Browser.

    X. Special Software Company Relationships

    We have worked closely with Software Companies to assist in their new product development. Software Companies must continuously enhance their product offerings to remain competitive in the marketplace. PCS has development tools that can be utilized in the rapid development of new products and/or conversion.

    We can typically develop new products for Software Companies at far less investment and in a shorter time-frame.


    The MISS(Mortgage Information and Servicing System) application developed by PCS gave us the various opportunities to install and maintain multi user Local Area Networks using Netware, AT&T STARLAN, IBM Network, Microsoft LANSERVER, Lantastic from Artisoft for more than 30 banks and savings and loan institutions and especially at FIS (Florida Informanagement Services, Inc.) in Florida.

    UNITED STATES ARMY Fort Benning, Georgia

    We provided the expertise in installing Ethernet Network using Personal Computers on UNISYS UNIX system.

    SOUTHERN EDGING INC. Atlanta Georgia

    We provided the support to install and maintain Electronic Data interchange (EDI) applications using asynchronous and bisync hi-speed modems. We are involved in UNIX system communications and interfacing with Personal Computers using Ethernet cards and direct linkage through cables and null modem cables.


    Responsible for helping installation and maintenance of several LANS in Nassau and Freeport, Bahamas. PCS helped the finance Ministry to select and acquire the right software for Financial and Accounting system and helped implement the projects far ahead of the scheduled time frame.


    A) “242” AREA CODE Conversion project:
    PCS consultants were responsible for “242” Area Code Conversion project for BATELCO, Nassau, Bahamas. This project headed by a PCS Project Manager,involved the enhancement and modifications of all programs in CUBICS (Customer Billing Integrated Control System), Service Order Systems (SOS), Cable Record Systems (CRS), Plant Trouble Center Automation (PTCA) systems – to handle the Area Code Conversion of all the Bahamas Telephone Exchanges from Area Code “809” to “242”. The work involved extensive analysis of all programs for program logic changes and managing a team of PCS and BATELCO staff.

    B) PCS consultants were responsible for the SkyPager Billing project for BATELCO, Nassau, Bahamas. This project headed by a PCS Project Manager, involved the requirement study, analysis, design, development and implementation of a custom billing system to handle the billing of SkyPager paging units transactions and integrating the system with the BATELCO’s CUBICS (Customer Billing Integrated Control System).

    The work involved development of an on-line system for maintaining the paging units database and a batch system for analyzing paging billing data (alpha and alphanumeric) transactions from Skytel Inc., U.S.A. for monthly billing of the SkyPager customer.